1-on-1 nutrition coaching:

Muscle Building

Look like a D1 pick or build
a Brazil worthy bikini booty!  

  • Calorie Surplus
    +100 to +500kcal
  • Increase Recovery
    3-4 Days of Training
  • Higher Carb Intake
    Up to 2x Body Weight
  • Increase Body Weight
    2-4lb Muscle Mass Monthly
Fat Loss

Ready to burn fat and get
a lean, beach body look?

  • Calorie Deficit
    -100 to -500kcals
  • Increase Output
    5-6 Days of Activity
  • Lower Carb Intake
    Lower to 1x Body Weight
  • Lower Body Weight
    1-3lbs Per Week Fat Loss
Sport performance

play like a pro,
Improve recovery & reduce injuries.

  • Maintenance Calories
    BMR Based Calories
  • Work Based Recovery
    2-4 Days of Training
  • Targeted Carb Cycling
    75% Carbs Near Training
  • Maintain Body Weight
    Maintain Muscle Mass

Science Based training for guaranteed results.

proven 4 phase TRAINING program

Phase 1:

4 Weeks + Baseline Testing
Build muscle, speed up your metabolism & create endurance you need!

Endurance is the foundation for fat loss, strength & injury prevention and is the start of each new training cycle.

High reps, light/med weight & short rest periods.

Phase 2:

4 Weeks + Athletic Testing
Create fast twitch muscle, improve your mobility, move quickly & efficiently.

Speed is the key to changing your body by strengthening joints & ligaments to get you moving faster & pain free!

Low reps, light/med weight & medium rest periods.

Phase 3:

4 Weeks + Strength Testing
Grow your strength & boost your athletic potential by learning to create force.

Strength is the difference in your ability to fight injury, building a lean physique & become an explosive athlete.

Low reps, med/heavy weight & medium rest periods.

Phase 4:

4 Weeks + Combine Testing
Unleash your athleticism & torch body fat with explosive strength training.

Power = Speed x Strength.
Increase  power & start running faster,  jumping higher & melt body fat.

Low reps, med/heavy weight & medium rest periods.