SPD School: Level 1

Intro To Speed & Injury Prevention

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About this class

Level 1 is the foundation that every athletes needs to run faster & jump higher. This level focuses on athletic movement and running mechanics to prepare your athlete for success and injury free career.

Level 1 Introduces The Basics of Athleticism:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Hinging
  • Pressing
  • Squatting

*For Athletes 9-13yo, all athletes must take this course prior to applying for level 2 or 3 classes or score 7/10 or higher on performance test.

Class Times
About the class

During this 1h class your athlete will improve their running mechanics and perform basic strength movements to give them the speed they want!

Class Difficulty
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  • Overall time
    60 minutes
  • Group size
    4-8 people
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