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build The Mind. Build The Body.

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4 Stage Program

Volume: Light Weight​ & High Reps
Trains The Muscle For Endurance While Improving Size.

Speed: Light Weight & Low Reps
Teach The Muscle To Fire Quickly, While Training The Nervous System To Fire At Lighting Speed.

Strength: Heavy Weight & Low Reps​ Lifts Are All About Producing Force. It Is The Base Of Athletic Potential Grows The Ability To Make Power.

Power: Medium Weight & Low Reps​ Lifts Translate Directly To Jumping,Sprinting & Changing Direction.

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Each Training Program Is Based On Years Of Research & Development;
Your Plan Is Customized For Your Level Of Experience.

Phase 1: Endurance

Trains The Muscle For Endurance While Improving Size.
Build basic motor Skills Build Work Capacity•

Medium Weight
3-6 Sets of 6-12 Reps

Phase 2: Speed

Train The Nervous System To Fire  Fast.
Build motor Skills
For competition &
Speed Endurance

Low Weight
4-6 Sets of 3-5 Reps

Phase 3: Strength

Strength Is The Difference In Your Ability To Build Explosivness, Get Div. 1 Attention & Fight Off Injury.

Heavy Weight
4-6 Sets of 2-5

Phase 4: Power

Build Explosive Jumping, & Sprinting Ability.
Build Max Power & Speed Prior to competition

Medium Weight
4-6 Sets of 3-5 Reps

athleticism is king for scholarships
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