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At long last, you've finally found the program that will help you to get a call from that top club team or the scholarship offer of your dreams.
If you're anything like most people you've tried working out on your own which has only resulted in being frustrated that your speed didn't change.

Or maybe you've bought agility ladders, ankle bands or parachutes which has just resulted in still not getting the speed you hoped.
After you joining Speed School you're kid will be catching the coaches eye and finally get that try out  offer they've dreamed of.

The best part about Speed School is that it has instant slow-motion video review.
This is a good thing because it provides visual feedback to the athlete for a shorter learning curve and faster results.

It also has instant speed & power data technology which is powerful because this shows exactly issue with an athletes speed or power for specific corrections .
You'll also avoid all the negative experiences you've had with other solutions because of Daily Performance Updates
(which is good for you because athletes improve on a daily basis, an up to date program guarantees precision ).

We're so sure that Speed School will help you get your kid prepared for sports at the next level that we also included our 30 day money-back guarantee.
If Speed School doesn't help you, just send it back and we'll refund you in full.

Call us now at 1-888-866-7569 and try it risk free.

About us
family owned & Over
10 Years Of experience.

North County Natives We are a brother/sister team that found success in strength sports & collegiate athletics.

in 2017 we took our research & developed a personalized system that grows with you through your journey.

we Bring together science & life experience as athletes into our coaching to guarantee results!

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Looking for the best results?

we give you everything you need!

Custom Training Program

The Only Gym giving you weights based on your strength & Grows as you become stronger!

Grow week after week with A progressive training plan!

1-On-1 NUtrition Coaching

We don't do diets...
neither should you!
for A Dream Body & the Div. 1 Scholarship
food matters.

Feed Your Body & Hit Goals W/ A Personal Nutritionist!

Private Training Classes

the only class based training that gives you personalized weights based on your training abilities.

4-to-1 coach to athlete ratio to maximize learning!

of a team

we are a team with A goal.
it's what keeps us pushing each other each to be better  version of ourselves.

achieve your goals w/ accountability of your peers

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