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We don't do diets... And neither should you! for the Dream Body & the Div. 1 Scholarship food matters.

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the only class based training that gives you personalized weights based on your training abilities.

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Our mantra is that everyone with a body is an athlete.

As athletes we eat, train and recover for the physique, performance & pain free lifestyle that we want.

As A member you have your own personal nutritionist, customized strength program & recovery tools You need For success.

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Keep Classes Small.
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The Science Of Professional Sports to get rid of pain, reduce injury and to look & feel Like An Athlete!

our program is designed for you. Based On Your Goals.
That's why you will have a personalized training plan with weights based on your abilities!

we give you everything you need to achieve your goals.
join and enjoy the Luxury of a private nutrition coach
guiding you to a healthy lifestyle & a lean body!

Adult Fitness

our adult fitness programs are designed with the 3 things we Want:
to stop dieting, lose those the gut FOR GOOD &

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Youth Athletes

created for the youth athlete that is ready to prepare themselves for the next level of competitive sports,
from varsity to collegiate & beyond!


Sport Performance & Development

  • Hi-Trainer: The Future Of Speed Training                                                                
    The ONLY Treadmill In San Diego That Tells You EXACTLY What You Need To Get Faster, Stronger & More Powerful.
    Ready to measure your speed, power and acceleration in real time?With Hi-Trainer Now You Can.  
  • Sports Nutrition: Unleash Your Athletic Potential
    Nutrition is the key to reduce your fatigue, speed up your recovery and guarantee you're feeling on the top of your game!
    Each class begins with our online nutrition check-in & weekly follow-ups from your nutrition coach.
  • Weightlifting For Sports: Increase Power & Reduce Injury
    Power is a vital aspect of the performance of every sport, weightlifting is the key to increase athletic power while improving mobility & strengthening tendons and ligaments to keep you on the field longer.

Functional Athletic Training

  • Not A Warm Up.
    It’s Movement Preparation.
    Dynamic Movement PrepIt’s Not Just A Warm Up. Nope… Not A Jog, Jumping Jacks Or Cherry Pickers.
    Specific Warm Ups For Your Specific Program.Increase Your Mobility & Decrease Your Chance Of Injury. Feel Better All The Time.

  • Meet The Hi-Trainer. Caution: Not Your Grandmas Treadmill.
    The Hi-Trainer Will Push Your Conditioning To It’s Limits & Torch Body Fat Like A Furnace. Train With The Only Sprint Treadmill In San Diego!

  • Weightlifting: Strength For Athleticism.
    Ladies… You Won’t Get “Too Bulky”. Guys… You Won’t Get “Too Stiff”.
    Dad’s… Your Not “Too Old”
    But… You Will Reshape Your Body, Reduce Daily Aches & Pains, Increase Your Mobility & Increase Your Metabolism.

CAKE: Booty Building Club

  • Big Butts Burn Fat.
    A big booty is a muscular booty. A muscular booty is a sexy booty.
    The more muscle you carry the more calories your body burns all day long. Grow your glutes & start burning fat!
  • Big Buns Keep You Young.
    That's right... Your bum makes up the largest muscle group in your body and they are the main support for your back and knees.
    By growing them bigger and making them stronger you will fight off the back aches and pains of aging!
  • Killer Curves Keep You Healthy.
    The curves you build are the kind that keep you healthy. Why?
    Because you won't only be creating the sexy shape you want, but you'll be improving your stamina and metabolism along the way!
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