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Youth Performance Training Programs Built By Experts

Uniquely designed to support the goals of serious athletes, The Facility Sports focuses on the most important training areas including:
speed, jumping ability and strength. Each piece of equipment is chosen specifically to
improve our student’s athleticism and track progress over time.

The result is explosive strength & speed via functional Training programs that enhance Power, stamina & mobility.
Go beyond the capabilities of a traditional gym & step into the world of professional sports, At The Facility.

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Customized Training & Personal Nutrition To Achieve Your Goals.

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Step 1:
Book An Assessment

start with a performance test showing strengths & weaknesses.

Afterwards Sit Down With your family & a nutrition Coach To learn Calorie Balance, Macro Nutrition & Meal Timing’s affect on Athletic performance.

Step 2:
Create A Schedule

Every successful athlete requires a detailed training schedule.

We create a structured training schedule that helps athletes increase speed/power, reduce injury, and prepare athletes for Collegiate sports and beyond

Step 3:
Start Training

Our Speed programs are based on science—no guesswork.

That’s why we offer a
45-Day Money-Back Guarantee with every training program.
Start training today & watch your child turn into a sports star.

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Our mission:
to help cultivate a generation of athletes full of character, humility & strength for a purpose greater than themselves, accomplished through discipline, teamwork & encouragement.

At The Facility Sports, each athletic program is built on
proven training approaches that WORK.

Our training programs are uniquely designed to give our student-athletes the edge in their respective sport.

Real Science. Real Performance Improvement for Every Athlete.

The foundation of our training programs is built on speed, strength, agility, and injury prevention. To successfully build on our mission, we adapt our approach to the age of the athlete we help. The Facility Sports uses fully customized training formulas that enhance fitness in all areas. Each program has been proven to work and is used by elite athletes around the world. Instead of guessing how to build performance, we show you and put your athlete on a one-way-street to success.

if you or your athlete are not fully satisfied with the experience we provide,
we offer a full 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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