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Tony D.
"i signed up both of my kids - 17 and 14 male and female and they love it!! i could not be happier with the direction and guidance that DOM and his sister provide.  this is such a great workout facility. come in and give it a try- fair prices and amazing workouts!!!
Feb 6, 2019
Christina M.
"Dom is the best. His knowledge base is amazing and he has the experience of working with people at all different levels of fitness. As a chiropractor, I have been thoroughly impressed with how he has trained me from a real-life movement pattern perspective. I will continue to work with him and refer my patients to him because I trust that he will meet them where they are at and safely lead them through their workouts."
June 16, 2018
Sarah K.
"I have been a member here for 2 months.  In that time my body has changed from fat to muscle with grit and grace.  Coach Dom is patient with his teachings and ensures that one knows proper form before having them move on to anything more difficult.  The HIIT classes are incredible! They are different every day so you will never be bored. The Facility is clean, everyone there is incredibly supportive, and you get a feeling of determination every time you step in.  Go get your sweat on!"
May 26, 2018

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is weightlifting "Good" for my child?

As a coach I’ve been asked by many concerned parents if weight lifting for their child will stunt growth or cause undue injuries as the old wives tale passed as common knowledge says.

Contrary to popular belief, youth weight lifting is extremely popular in many developing countries due to its low cost and ease of transition into other sports.

So are the benefits to weight lifting for youth athletes anyway?

Bone Density
Kids & adults alike benefit from increased bone density from weight lifting. Improving the density of bones is vital to reducing breaks from outside forces.

Power = Strength x Speed
Without enough strength an athlete won't be able to produce enough power to move their body explosively.
Range Of Motion
Strength through the full range of motion increases an athletes flexibility while reinforcing proper movement patterns.
Improved ankle, knee & hip mobility means less injuries for your kid and more time doing what they love.

As a parent you want the best for your child and we understand. That’s why we emphasize step-by-step progress to help your child reach their ultimate potential then it's time to find a professional in your area and give them the leg up on the competition!

How many days a week should i train?

Our program is designed around a three day per week training structure that has a specific focus each day.

Day 1:
Monday or Tuesday is our designated acceleration & lower body push day. This day is vital because team sports rely on the quick acceleration which is dependent on creating high amounts of force.

By strengthening the quads and gluteus muscles athletes are able to push harder and absorb force in order to reduce knee injuries.

Day 2:
Wednesday or Thursday is our designated agility & upper body push day. This day is key because team sports rely on the ability to quickly decelerate and change direction.

Upper strength relative to bodyweight plays a large role as athletes progress into varsity and collegiate athletics.

Day 3:
Friday or Saturday is our designated top speed & lower body pull day. As athletes improve their acceleration and agility, top speed comes into play for them to be competitive at the higher levels.

The lower body pull strength is key for strengthening the hamstring and gluteus muscles that increase the amount of power created while simultaneously reducing risk of injury.

what about diet & nutrition?

Our goal is to get our Athletes conscious about the food that they fuel their body with use to recover.

It’s The Difference In You Lasting In The Final Minutes Of Competition… Or Fading Away. Eat Like A Pro And Watch Your Athleticism Drastically Change.

The Basics of sports nutrition:

Calories in versus calories out. It’s the difference in playing in a constant state of fatigue or out performing your opponents every second of competition. Changing your diet improves performance over 50% and lowers risk of injury with optimized recovery.

2. MACRONUTRIENTS: Protein. Carbs. Fat. Know which fuel source is needed for their activity. Know which foods are best for training, competition & recovery increases performance up to 30% for athletes. (ex. 30% protein, 40% carbs, 30% fat is an optimal breakdown for an athlete)

3. NUTRIENT TIMING: Incorporating higher carbohydrates around high intensity activity and competition accounts for an additional 10% increase in endurance.

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