Science Based Training

Classes at The Facility guide you through an athletic based workout that will challenge your strength, speed, agility and conditioning. 

Each program is designed to accomplish the 3 things every athlete craves, build functional strength & speed, increase lean muscle and drop fat.

Advanced Tracking Technology

Hi-Trainer What if you could find out exactly what you needed to improve to increase your top speed or develop that explosive first step? 

With Hi-Trainer Now You Can.

Measure your speed, power and acceleration in real time. Track your progress as you train. 

Train With PUSH 

How fast you lift matters... The PUSH system tracks speed & power output of your lifts keeping you in the perfect speed “Zones” guarantee training effectiveness for your goals.

  • Measure Your Effort.

  • Track Your Progress.

  • Build A Portfolio.

Class Structure

Monday: Lower Body Push + Core/Conditioning Tuesday: Upper Body Push + Size/Endurance Wednesday: Lower Body Pull + Speed/Agility Thursday: Lower Body Push + Core/Conditioning Friday: Upper Body Push + Speed/Agility Saturday: Full Body Pull + Size/Endurance


Innovative Industry Professionals


In Just A Very Short Period Of Time You Could See & He Could Feel The Benefits!

“My son trains at this facility and absolutely enjoys it. He is challenged to push himself further. In just a very short period of time you could see and he could feel the benefits gained. He really respects Coach Dom so much so that even after his hockey season started he wanted to continue working with him. Would recommend for the serious athlete.”

— Melinda Krupcynzki, Parent

As A Chiropractor, I’m Impressed With How I Was Trained Me From A Real-Life Movement Perspective.

“Coach Dom is the best. His knowledge base is amazing and he has the experience of working with people at all different levels of fitness. As a chiropractor, I have been thoroughly impressed with how he has trained me from a real-life movement pattern perspective. I will continue to work with him and refer my patients to him because I trust that he will meet them where they are at and safely lead them through their workouts.”

— Dr. Christina Binder, D.C. R.Y.T.

Owner of Elevation Family Chiropractic

In 2 Months My Body Has Changed From Fat To Muscle With Grit & Grace!

“I have been a member here for 2 months.  In that time my body has changed from fat to muscle with grit and grace. Coach Dom is patient with his teachings and ensures that one knows proper form before having them move on to anything more difficult.  The HIIT classes are incredible! They are different every day so you will never be bored. The Facility is clean, everyone there is incredibly supportive, and you get a feeling of determination every time you step in.  Go get your sweat on!”

— Sara Skolpin, Member