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Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training & So Much More.

I. Your Own Personal Nutritionist.

Fat Loss, Muscle Building & Sports Performance

Are All Based On What Goes In Your Body.

Feed Your Body For Your Goals W/ Your Personal Nutritionist.

II. A Coach & Customized Workout Plan.

Train Based On Science & Repeated Success To Hit Goals.

Not Random Workouts. Each Session Builds Off The Last;

Because Of This We Guarantee Your Success.

III. Individual Injury Prevention & Recovery Program.

You Now Have Access

To Your Own State Of The Art Recovery Equipment.

Learn Techniques To Heal From Workouts Faster & To Help Prevent,

Recover And Rehab To Keep You At Your Best.

Top Trainers In San Diego.



The M3 Method

Our Program Is Designed To Accomplish The

3 Things Every Athlete Craves:

To Hurt Less.

To Perform Better.

To Look The Way You Feel.

Based On Year’s Of Research & Development The M3 Method Brings The Science Of A College Weightroom Into The Hands Of People Wanting More From Their Workout.


The Warm Up

  • 5m Trigger Point & Massage Therapy

  • 5m Hip Mobility & Injury Prevention

  • 5m Dynamic Speed Warm Up


Power Training

  • 5m Shoulder Mobility Training

  • 6 Rounds Of An Explosive Exercise

  • 5m On-Screen Lifting Technique Breakdown


HIIT Training

  • 10m Of High Intensity Interval Training

  • 4 Cardio & Bodybuilding Exercise’s

  • 3 Rounds At Your Pace & Weight


Speed And Agility Training

  • 10m Running Form Technique

  • 15m Competitive Speed Training

  • 5m On-Screen Running Form Breakdown


Strength Training

  • 6 Rounds Of Strength Training

  • 6 Rounds Of Plyometric Training

  • 5m On-Screen Lifting Technique Breakdown


We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 16 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. Athletes must check-in prior to class, please come 5-10 minutes early.

Affordable Class Based Gym Memberships

With A Price Based On Your Commitment.

Training + Nutrition On Your Schedule.

Convenient Class Times & On Demand Nutrition Coach Guarantee Success!